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Mount Olive Volleyball

Senior Division End of Season Party-2008


Senior Division Party

The Senior Division got together at the Tinc Road School Cafeteria on June 9th and celebrated the end of a great season.  

Special plaques were presented to the following players:

  • Craig Nakonechny for Most Dedicated
  • Merima Musanovic for Most Improved
  • Kelsey Oesmann and Pooja Patil for Best Sportsmanship

We wished our 17 seniors best of luck and gave them special "Mount Olive Volleyball 2008" t-shirts as a keepsake.  Our seniors were:

Michael  Alnemy
Michael  Bakovic
Joby Bongco
Darwin  Chang
Alex Day
Tori DeValve
Natalie Franco
William  Hopkins
Craig  Nakonechny
Devon Paffendorf
Elizabeth  Perazzo
Lauren  Przybylinski
Michael  Sergonis
Andrea Skouras
Chloe Urena
Emily Ruth Verona


We will miss them all and hope that they will continue to play and coach volleyball. 

The players of the Senior Division continue to be an integral part of our league and are great role models for our younger players.   Tori DeValve was a head coach of 2 teams this year.  Craig Nakonechny was an assistant coach for two teams and made a special coach shirt when his two teams played each other.   Beth Perazzo and Alex Day had a great debut as head coaches this year.  Assistant coaches included Kelsey Oesmann, Pooja Patil, Lindsay Fuller, Jill Kramer, Kelly Mitchell, Garret Siegel, Joby Bongco, Danielle Stroup, Laura VanBendegem, Hillary Schnatter, Amanda Fauser, GIna Tierney, Jenna Gaffney, Jessica Wittwer,  Deanna Jimenez, Elyse Goodhue,  Nicole Cottrell, Natalie Franco, Brielle Scarano, Nicole Perazzo, Becka DeValve, Karinna Trapanotto, Julianne Maines, Will Hopkins and Melissa Stevens. 

The players of the Mount Olive High School  Girls Volleyball Team were recognized for their dedication and successful 22-6 season this past fall. 

The Powerzone Boys Mount Olive High School Team participants were also recognized for their hard work and sportsmanship.  The boys brought their record to 18-19 in the Fall after experiencing a winless first season in the winter of 2007.   We will continue to work for a MOHS boys volleyball team to make their dream of playing in their home gym a reality. 

We all had dessert and then played on the playground afterwards.  It was great to see the wonderful friendships that have developed over the season despite team affiliation.