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Mount Olive Volleyball

Grievance Procedure


Please follow the procedures if you have a problem or concern.

            Grievance Procedures



1.       Parents should discuss a problem with the head coach.    This cannot be done during a game or practice. 

2.       If the problem cannot be resolved, the parent should contact the Vice President of the applicable League.

3.     The Vice President will:

a.        Investigate the matter.

b.      Try to resolve the problem between the parties involved. 

c.       If the problem cannot be resolved, the Vice President will advise the Executive Committee of the situation.

4.        The Executive Committee will:

a.      Invite all parties (coaches, parents and Vice President) to a special meeting.

b.       Hear testimony from all involved parties.

c.        Privately reach a decision concerning the events. 

d.       Inform all parties involved of their decision.

5.      The above sequence will be followed in the event a coach has a complaint with another coach or parent. 




The above is from the Mount Olive Volleyball Association By-Laws. Please take note and follow the above grievance procedures if you have a problem or concern. 


The Junior League Vice President is Michael Apostol - he can be reached at 973-347-6764 or


The Intermediate League Vice President is Tori DeValve - she can be reached at 973-527-4137 or


The Senior League Vice President is Frank Perazzo - he can be reached at 973-691-4794 or