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Mount Olive Volleyball

More Playing Tips


Each skill can be learned with these simple steps!




Attack- (Right Handed)

R eady to Toss

  • Weight on Back leg
  • Hitting Hand High
  • Toss Hand is at shoulder height in front of hitting shoulder

R eady to Move

  • Face where ball is coming from
  • Feet shoulders with apart
  • Heels slightly off ground
  • Knees Bent, over toes

R eady to Move

  • Feet shoulders width apart
  • Heels slightly off ground
  • Knees bent, over toes
  • Arms down to side

R eady to Approach-

  • Arms to side
  • Heels off ground
  • Right foot slightly forward
  • Weight on Left foot

T oss

  • Push ball straight up
  • Stop hand let ball travel up
  • Toss High enough to step into
  • Shoulders over knees
  • Arms down to side

M ove to where the ball will be

  • Shuffle steps
  • Face Where ball is coming from
  • Midline the ball
  • End with the right foot forward

M ove to where the ball will be

  • Run
  • End with right foot forward

D irection step- towards where the ball will be

R eady to Takeoff

  • Drive Step (rt) heel toe rock (twice as long as fast) Arms swing back

R eady to Swing

  • Bring Hitting arm back
  • (elbow high, elbow back)


R eady to Pass

  • Straight Arms- Lock Elbows AND
  • Wrists and hands together AND
  • Bend Knee/Drop shoulder
  • Angle Platform to Target

R eady to Set

  • Hands shaped like a ball, palms facing, thumbs towards forehead
  • Arms extended three quarters


S et- Finish to target

  • Balance Step (lt) Arms swing forward (left hip towards net)

T akeoff & R eady to Swing

  • Jump off both feet arms swing up
  • Ready to hit on the way up ( Right Elbow high, elbow back)

S wing

  • Lead with elbow- high
  • Fast Arm speed
  • Straight arm on contact
  • Step into serve with swing
  • Rotate shoulders and hip with swing
  • Keep ball in Front
  • Topspin contact- bottom of ball roll and snap over top of ball.
  • Floater Contact- center of ball Stop swing on contact

P ass- Finish to target

  • Smooth swing from shoulders
  • Control the ball- wait for ball to fall into hands
  • Left Right footwork
  • Square shoulders to target
  • Extend arms to target
  • Fingers to Target

S wing- Finish past hip

  • Fast arm speed
  • Straight arm on contac
  • Firm wrist snap on contack
  • Keep Ball in front