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Mount Olive Volleyball

Playing Tips


Ten Ways to Be a Better Volleyball Player!

Volley Ball

1. Call the Ball- Call it Early and Call it Loud.  Try to call 
it before it crosses the net.  If another player calls the ball at the same time either back off and call out the other player's name to let them know to get the ball or play it anyway. 
2. Expect every ball to come to You-  Don't be a spectator when you're on court.  Be ready to play the ball and be ready to move.
3. Know which area you're responsible for.
4. Pursue every ball-  Try to get to shanked passes - if it's the second or third hit and the ball has gone out of bounds on your side- run it down and get the ball off the floor. If the ball hits the ceiling after the first bump- It will usually come down to the person that hit that ball-  Get to that spot and wait for the ball to come down.
5. Go to Your Line-  Go to the line to see if a ball is in or out.
6. Stay Low on Defense- Get low and stay low.
7. Play from the Outside In- Face into the court toward your setter's spot on the net.
8. Face the Target- Your body wants the ball to go to where it thinks you are going. Face the target and let your body do the steering.
9. Stay on your feet if possible.
10.  Attitude is Everything!  Work on your skills and you'll find that you'll be hoping that the ball comes your way. 


1. Ready to Move- Heels up, shoulders over knees, right foot slightly forward.
2. Get to Where Ball will Be-
3. Ready to Pass- Hands & Wrists together, Straight arms, Drop shoulder, Bend Knees.
4. Finish to Target-

Fire Spinning Check Mark

Check out the Mount Olive Library for videos and books on playing volleyball.